Overdue for a “Life Renew”?

Dear friends,

As 2015 begins to bid us soft farewell, I'm setting goals for the upcoming year. I've already started because I don’t want to whimper or stumble into the New Year with no real focus or direction. Quite frankly, I'd rather you didn’t either!

To ease into the New Year I'm offering my Mastermind Course to help us start 2016 strong - and create a brighter, happier, and more abundant life experience. 

The Mastermind Course is an “accelerated living” program that has produced remarkable results for the personal lives of many people who've participated in it with me. The most important part is how we start: identifying where we are today, and what we wish to create. Recognizing these will solidify the steps that bring us that much closer to self-realization.

I'm excited to offer Mastermind Course in January both online and in-person. Below are 3 steps to get your started! Contact me if you're interested in a private or group Mastermind Course. 


~ Getting Started on the Mastermind Course ~

STEP 1: Defining your life purpose.
The first thing I'd like to suggest is to start at the end; literally! I want you to write your own eulogy. Write what you'd love to hear/read about you, your life, and what you left behind. How did you live; how did you love? What gifts and talents were cultivated and shared, and how were you of service to humanity?

Create personal affirmations reminding you of the end goal that will be recited each morning, and every evening before bed. This allows your subconscious mind to go to work on manifesting your intent in the world.

STEP 2: Map It.

Map-quest your life! List all the things it will take to accomplish your goals. Consider using a large sheet of paper, so you can draw your ideas out freely. List the steps you'll need to take to put the plan into motion. 

STEP 3: Create an Action List. 

This is your list of daily To Do’s that move you toward your goal. Do 3 items off your list each day.

Your next move after charting your course, is finding an anchor buddy that will help hold you accountable for working towards 3 things on your list daily. Choose someone reliable with goals of their own, and as much drive as you – or more – so you can encourage each other mutually to make your greatest dreams realities.