Harbin Hot Springs is reinventing itself

Harbin Hot Springs is reinventing itself, and so are we. 

As many of you already know our Napa and Lake communities experienced a catastrophic wildfire last month - one of the worst California has ever seen. The Valley Fire has been devastating for thousands of people who lived and worked at Harbin Hot Springs, which was taken by the fire.  Now we are picking up the pieces and starting to rebuild our community one home and one family at a time.

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I taught at Harbin over the past 4 years, and all of my experiences there have meant so much to me. I want to thank many of you for reaching out with calls and emails. I am blessed that my home survived.  Many of the practitioners and residents from Harbin have fled to live with family and friends all over the world. These are trying times and a time when we turn to one another for connection, support and love.  

When life brings big experiences there is always spiritual growth. It's a good time for deep introspection and to identify the areas in life that you're ready to transform, heal or let go. 

If you are ready to create some dynamic shifts in your life and would like support, join me on one of my cleansing retreats or a private therapy session.

I truly hope we connect again soon and fill our heart with the love and magic we found at Harbin and through working together.