Holistic Breathwork is an innovative method of self-exploration. 

It is a safe and simple way for anyone to trigger extraordinary states of consciousness, swinging wide open the doors to deeper spiritual understandings typically confined and forgotten along the furthest recesses of the psyche. These mental states are similar to those of deep meditation, the shamanic practices of indigenous cultures, and various ancient wisdom disciplines. 

Through holistic breathing techniques, lost memories from our personal history may surface. Even our earliest memories of at-birth experiences can be revealed to us during holistic awareness, helping us transcend the common constraints of ordinary thought and behavior patterns. These experiences have been found to help guide practitioners straight to the source of emotional problems, accelerating the healing process as a result. Rapid breathing, and evocative music are used alongside deliberate bodywork to release deep-seated tension.

In response to a question about what happens in a breathwork session, one past participant simply stated: “If you feel healthy and happy, Holistic sessions expand your awareness and consciousness. If you are in pain, breathwork helps you heal.”

No matter our current state of health, there's no such thing as “too healthy”. Self-realization is a goal we all share, and it is to this end that breathwork supplies a practical means.

Holistic breathwork was developed by a major world pioneer of psychedelic therapy, Stanislav Grof, MD., together with his wife Christina, as a substance-free means of discovering the healing power of human experience in non-ordinary states of consciousness. I've been working in this specialized field for over 20 years, guiding and assisting thousands of individuals in deep, transformational breathing techniques.