Dr. Ann West is a compassionate listener and conversation facilitator. She is a gifted counselor and wise woman.
— Julie Adams, Director at Harbin Hot Springs
Thank you Ann for being such an amazing inspiration and guide. It’s time for a TED Talk to share this healing wisdom you have cultivated from all over the world.
— Stephanie, Walnut Creek
Dr. Ann was the catalyst for me moving from a damaging relationship to a life filled with deserving love. I owe her a lot and thank her for her compassion and understanding. We met on a plane journey from London to Los Angeles and later again in England. She asked me one simple question, forced me to answer it, and changed my life.
— Sandra Cain, South Hampton, United Kingdom
Working with Dr. Ann West for 6 months has opened my eyes my mind and my heart. My husband found her at a favorite yoga retreat, Harbin Hot Springs in California’s wine country. It was he who encouraged me to develop a relationship with her. I was too depressed to see any solutions.
I began to have Skype sessions weekly, and an opportunity came up to spend a weekend in a private retreat with her. We did something called holotropic breathwork. It is a guided meditative and deep breathing technique, which opens your conscious mind to places deeply buried in your sub-conscious. These are storage spots for trauma, both physical and spiritual. She cooked for us, only pure, organic vegetarian food. I had ozone therapy and saunas. We hiked with her dogs. I wrote in a journal and slept deeply.
There was something powerfully different about Dr. Ann’s approach. I had worked with therapists before. Nothing had changed for me. My first sessions with therapy began at the age of 19. I am 63 now. I had tried, sporadically, I was hopeless and suffered chronic pain in my low back, neck and right arm and hand.
Since my weekend retreat, Dr. Ann and I have continued to meet on Skype weekly.
After six months, I am ready to fly solo. I now see what I can do to alleviate many of my anxieties and resentments, most of which can be controlled by something as simple as changing my thoughts. I now meditate and think and speak out loud positive affirmations only. Much of my pain is greatly reduced. My attitude about how I contribute to my own pain has changed, I don’t blame myself, I simply correct negative patterns and habits.
If you are suffering there is a solution. There are many wonderful therapists available. Dr. Ann West is certainly one of them! I wish you a meaningful and lasting recovery.
— Barbara, Orange County, CA
Thanks for sessions, which I found to be so helpful at a time of great transition in my life and in particular, the way you helped me unfold specific areas of my life that had hitherto been evading me. I was amazed at your depth of knowledge and wisdom. It was perfect timing for me given what was happening in my life. Great coach and mentor.
— David Green, Somerset, United Kingdom
Ann West is committed to making a huge difference in the lives of those she touches and she succeeds admirably at it -through her writing, her radio show, and her presence.
— Jack Canfield, Founder of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series
I experienced with Dr. Ann West her private sessions and her workshops. In private sessions, she was an amazing listener and she helped me to see and understand different perspectives of the issues i was experiencing. Her gentle but clear guidance led me to finding my own answers. Her workshops were very well organized and left the participants with effective tools.
— Elen M., Middletown, CA
Dr. Ann listens compassionately, speaks intelligently, and has the amazing capacity to understand with her heart. She touches lives with her talent for deep communication, and her courage to explore all arenas of the Spirit, including the places in us where the ‘shadow’ resides. In this way she not only delivers teachings, but healing as well.
— Kenny Loggins, musician
As a young person navigating life in my 20’s, Ann provided me invaluable insight and coaching around perspectives on life, growth and healing. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive, enabling her to lend personalized coaching to anyone she comes in contact with. I also had the privilege of doing holotropic breathwork which was beyond an eye-opening & healing experience. I recommend all people, wherever you are in your journey, to work with Ann!
— Kelley, San Francisco Bay Area
Dr. Ann West provided the holistic support to clear and heal my body of toxin build up from the medications intended to alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms. As an additional result, my mind and spirit were able to be restored and I now live a healthier life and free of medication. Dr. Ann is honest and I see her as an incredible healer whose inner strength shines through her passionate work.
— Kristine Shaw, Hinckley, United Kingdom
Ann has found the courage to launch out beyond the familiar and fearlessly explore uncharted territory. The good news is that she has charted it for us that our lives may be easier for it. Her story will make you laugh, cry, and recognize the immediacy of your own spiritual quest.
— Alan H. Cohen, best-selling author
I have know Dr. Ann West since 1997 and have had many interactions with her, professionally, and as a friend. I have great respect for Ann, personally and professionally. I’ve especially enjoyed her interviewing skills. She listens deeply and asks penetrating questions. No matter what the topic, the responses she invites from me surprises and delights me, and I think the audience as well. In addition, I always feel truly seen and appreciated by Ann. Anyone who has the opportunity of having Ann as a counselor, interviewer or workshop leader, is blessed.
— Joan Heartfield, PhD, author of *Romancing The Beloved*


There is a magical slip string available through Ann’s work where the seemingly impossible communication of hearing each other’s deepest needs becomes possible, so deep healing can occur.
Ann has a plethora of never ending tools and gifts to offer light into facilitating the true shifts I experienced. I felt delighted, guided and secure. Every time I asked Ann about some facet of my discoveries she would share a bit more about what was available in her repertoire of services beyond the couples counseling we were focused on at first. I felt totally supported in combining therapies including Reiki, the infrared sauna, support with liver cleanse, personal retreats, Skype sessions, email support… My most precious experiences around my work with Ann were In the Holotropic breathing and use of self-administered ozone.
I felt even more inspired as a whole new person I didn’t even know existed, which began to emerge from my old states of being.
My work with Ann has been deeply subtle and totally profound. I will take it with me for the rest of my life.
— Nicole M, Cobb Mountain
As my husband and I sat in the Harbin garden with Dr. Ann over a few meetings, our marriage shifted from having built-up walls to transparency and honesty. Through her deep listening, profound insight and powerful tools, Dr. Ann was able to guide two very hurt souls back to a place regard and kindness.
— Brandy & Blair, San Francisco Bay Area
Dr. West is an amazing person. She listens without judgement, and lets you feel secure to trust and open up and share. She has valuable insight and guides you towards finding your truth. She is compassionate and wise. I am so grateful to have her help.
— A.M., California
I consulted Ann during a very sensitive and emotional ending of an intimate relationship. 
The tension was extremely high and Ann very masterfully navigated our energies with compassion and sensitivity.

The most profound healing I have received from a healer is one that is able to hold such a profound space of Presence that the healing occurs naturally. I have found this with Ann. She is perceptive, and holds a very potent level of awareness that allows one to recognize and take ownership of one’s own journey. Ann also has a very extensive toolbox of exercises and insights that can greatly assist one in most any situation. 

I felt held and received by Ann as though in the arms of an angel. So much gratitude for the light and wisdom that Ann brings to the world. 
— B.A., Nevada City, CA


I have had the great pleasure to work with Dr. West over several years. She has counseled my family, and myself, helping us through some of life’s hardships. Her strength and wisdom have been invaluable and being a mother of 2 daughters herself, she has been able to help my teenagers with humor and kindness - they just adore her. A big thank you, Ann, for all your wonderful advice and for being in our lives.
— S.A.J, Ibiza, Spain


I went to Yolapa, Mexico in March 2017 in the hopes of addressing periods of severe depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. I am very thankful Dr. Ann West was doing sessions at the Pura Vida retreat. Had she not been there, I feel I would still be suffering from these debilitating conditions. Yet, my work with Ann was transformational. Truly. She can switch from life coach to medium to compassionate healer with instinctual accuracy. Because of my work with Ann, I was able to move through childhood trauma as well as immediate issues facing me in the painful separation from my spouse. And, we were able to do this work overlooking the Pacific Ocean which took the pain out of my body into the vast waters, sky, and jungle.

Thank you Ann. I feel you are an anchor in this world for those of us who suffer way more than we were meant to.
— Steph L., San Diego, CA
When I think about the Compassionate Communication class I attended a couple of weekends ago, I feel so thankful! A deep need that is not met as much as I like is belonging and it was met then. I often experience more fear and anxiety than I like when speaking up in a gathering. With Ann, I felt relaxed, attentive and valued. My need for presence, play and aliveness were met when we performed that jackal / giraffe dialog.
— S.M., Marin CA
“Although I had never been, my fiancée had visited Sacred Springs in September of 2015 and raved about the powerful experience she shared with her mom. Understandably, my expectations were high for what our retreat would bring, and I’m happy to report that Dr. Ann West greatly exceeded them! From the start, it was a transformative experience that brought me out of my shell and really helped me learn about life, love and the power of effective communication. We left the retreat healthier, happier and empowered to take the learnings from Dr. West and continue applying them to our day-to-day lives. We will definitely be back to Sacred Springs and I will highly recommend the place to family and friends.”
— Bill, Philadelphia
Ann is quite effective and refreshingly competent. Harbin Hot Springs is the better for it.
— Bill Heimanson, New York City
I have experienced Dr. Ann’s work in numerous settings and have always been impressed with her professional approach and depth of knowledge, particularly in Non Violent Communication. She has a gift for compassion and providing a safe space for anyone who wants to go deeper or is having a breakthrough. You can trust her.
— SuzyK-Coach.com, San Francisco Bay Area
Much appreciation and gratitude for your clear and loving way of expressing Non Violent Communication. I found the workshop extremely helpful and look forward to staying in touch with you.
— Dr. Maya Shlanger, California
Dr. Ann West’s sessions have inspired my teaching, which says everything after 28 years spent in art rooms. I learned that people need to speak their truth and tell their stories. Each session Dr. Ann West facilitates brings new perspective and an opportunity to practice empathy for ourselves and each other. Inspiration can transform a conversation, offer insight through different lenses, forming new opinions and advance learning. Dr. Ann West brings forth a capacity for celebrating the humanity in each person she encounters, bringing hope to all who enter her ever growing circles focusing on Compassionate Connections. Dr. Ann West lead by example through thought and word, and in her advocacy for human healing and compassion.
— Gary S. Leveque, M. Ed.
The Reiki Retreat with Ann West at Pura Vida was everything I needed and more. Ann is a beautiful soul who did an excellent job facilitating all of our journeys. The yoga, meditation, breath-work, reiki, hiking, and healthy meals were a perfect recipe for personal transformation and healing.
— Nichole, San Jose, CA
I have attended two week retreats in Pura Vida over the last year and one at Anjay’s other location, Sacred Springs in CA, the year prior. Each of the experiences have been life changing for me personally. The first was my gateway to spiritual awakening and I will be forever grateful. Since, I have grown, healed and opened more through each visit. Between the classes, the diet, the company and the atmosphere, Pura Vida is a sacred experience fit for anyone whether looking for a private getaway, couples retreat or a personal retreat. The staff and partners brought in to facilitate the programs are amazing individuals with so much love & knowledge to share. On two of the retreats, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dr. Ann West, who has contributed so much to my personal transformation. Her breathwork, reiki and personal counseling sessions can help you heal wounds you didn’t even realize you have! Years or even generations of trauma can be released through her work. The light that shines through her and the knowledge and experience she has to share is an honor to encounter that I highly recommend for all. The same applies to Anjay, who gave me the gift of meditation. His meditation instruction has provided me the key to my soul space that I can turn into at any point in time. I’m forever grateful to him for this and for creating such a beautiful space. I can’t wait for my next visit back to what I now feel like is home!
— Jenn, Redondo Beach, CA