Spiritual counseling may consist of a number of approaches including spiritual psychology, holotropic breathwork, theta healing, Reiki, or hypnosis. As a spiritual psychologist, my work involves helping people understand the core and causes of their pain – whether buried deep within the psyche, or the still-throbbing ache of a recently broken heart.

Often, we hide feelings we weren't able to deal with during childhood due to a lack of support, love, or understanding. Consequently, we allow sickness or unhappiness to form firmly-embedded beliefs, building emotional, energetic, and physical blockages. Once we identify and target these hidden inhibitors, we can move towards transforming this pain into a partner, allowing us to release these past weights and access a powerful and vital life force.

In my non-denominational counseling, I touch on the deeper issues that most forms of therapy fail to reach. Guided by intuition, my holistic approach to coaching deals with the whole person, aiming to bring balance to both outer and inner individual by reviewing the health of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

All sessions are unique and based on each individual's needs, in order to help every client realize their own personal highs and lows, and focus on unearthing their highest potential. My aim when working with an individual is to encourage honest introspection, leading to self-awareness, and a personal awakening that can enlighten an individual to their interconnectedness with all life.

When we've been living with years of denials and repressions, it can take its toll on us through sickness, stress, and unstable relationships. Coming to terms with unhealthy lifestyles or behavior patterns can seem difficult, disheartening, and even destructive. But this is where I step in – to encourage you; to guide you; to hold you accountable...because I know you have what it takes to make the change!

As your coach or therapist, I may tell you what you don’t want to hear, or show you what you don’t want to see, or encourage you to do what you don’t want to do. I help my clients live a life free from regret, and to live up to their highest potential, through the release of negative patterning and self-talk.

My goal is to get in touch with what you really want, while handing you the tools to help you reach it. I will help you look fear in the face and overcome it,  and find the inner wisdom to make the right choices in order to regain your sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Having worked with thousands of individuals over the past 20 years, experience has proven that the greater our commitment to the journey, the more rewarding the destination. I ask all my clients to commit to 1 weekly session for a minimum of 3 months of working with each other, and completing weekly homework assignments when necessary.

If you're struggling spiritually or to have an awakening, and not sure where to go – or, if you've hit an emotional or physical crisis – then it's no accident that you've come across my work. I'm here to assist you throughout the most demanding stages of your personal growth and development, and onward towards embracing your natural birthright of bliss!