The Mastermind Course


This “accelerated living” course has produced remarkable results for the personal lives of many people who've participated in it with me. The most important part is how we start: identifying where we are today, and what we wish to create. Recognizing these will solidify the steps that bring us that much closer to self-realization.

When we remind ourselves consistently upon waking that we have a specific goal to reach, we grant ourselves the direction, vision, and inspiration that allows us to accomplish daily tasks, both large and small. It’s when we don’t have a purpose - our purpose – on our windshield that we waste valuable time, and our wheels are seemingly just spinning. We all know what that feels like.

I say, let waste be a thing of the past! Start with exercising these 3 crucial steps, and you're sure to see your old aimless, scattered, and unaccomplished selves growing tinier and tinier in your rear-view.


STEP 1: Define Your Life Purpose.

It all begins with definition. The process of defining one's life can seem daunting, and figuring out how to best proceed can at times prove indecisive. No worries; I'm about to make things as simple as sugar for you. Now stop, take a look at your life at this moment, and ask yourself: “am I being true to my heart's deepest desire?”

If you don’t hear an unwavering yes, then there's something you haven't tapped into yet, and that something has everything to do with your primary reason for being on this planet.

Everyone has a part to play in this movie called life, and you have a starring role. Just think what a waste it would be, to reach the end of this lifetime, without ever having picked up the script! See, the great thing about having a starring role is having the opportunity to “improv” a bit. So why not take the role, and truly make it yours?

The first thing I'd like to suggest is to start at the end; literally! I want you to write your own eulogy. Write what you'd love to hear/read about you, your life, and what you left behind. How did you live; how did you love? What gifts and talents were cultivated and shared, and how were you of service to humanity?

Let your imagination run rampant. You just might shed a few tears whilewriting, and that's fine. In fact, you should feel moved in some way, because this exercise allows you to touch base directly with how you can impact the world while experiencing your own version of joy and fulfillment.

Knowing what you want to be remembered for provides a strong sense of purpose, and the means for outlining a plan to reach the same destination.

Create personal affirmations reminding you of the end goal that will be recited each morning, and every evening before bed. This allows your subconscious mind to go to work on manifesting your intent in the world.

For demonstration purposes, my affirmation and eulogy: 

“I am a powerful voice to humanity that uplifts, educates, and engages all who know, hear, and see me.”

Ann was a powerful, compassionate, and well-loved woman. Her work touched millions of people globally. She helped shape the world into a more beautiful place for all who knew her, and beyond.


STEP 2: Map It.

Map-quest your life! List all the things it will take to accomplish your goals. Consider using a large sheet of paper, so you can draw your ideas out freely. List the steps you'll need to take to put the plan into motion. I'll use myself once again as an example:

-      finish my book on relationships

-      become a successful author who shares cutting-edge information with readers on how to create the best possible relationship with their beloved

-      interview some of the planet's bigger movers and shakers helping to uplift humanity, bringing more conscious awareness into the lives of my listeners

-      undergo more rigorous training in areas that deepen my understanding of the human struggle, so I can better assist my most challenged clients


STEP 3: Create an Action List.

Here's a sample action list for my book goal:

-      set aside approx. 2 hours five days a week to write and research the best relationship tools and techniques

-      research self-publishing options

-      design the book cover

-      find a graphic designer @ 

-      etc.

Your next move after charting your course, is finding an anchor buddy that will help hold you accountable for working towards 3 things on your list daily. Choose someone reliable with goals of their own, and as much drive as you – or more – so you can encourage each other mutually to make your greatest dreams realities.

Actively practice these steps, and you'll be well on your way!

This is a merely a sliver of the full program I'll be offering in the New Year. 

Email me ( if you have any questions about the Mastermind Course. I'm here to help you discover how you can get your life up and running in the right direction. One of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself, or a loved one stuck at a crossroads, is a renewed sense of purpose, and conscious motivation. Join me, and successfully process emotions that may be hijacking your higher purpose, and adopt the art of breaking down to breakthrough.