Whether you are looking for an exciting action/romance tale or a guide to your own true nature, Truth from the Source: An Awakening from Life's Illusions and Limitations will take you there.

Told through intimate first person narrative, the action moves with dramatic speed and plunges into detailed descriptions of intense internal process, the realization of pure unconditional love, and the discovery of ancient spiritual initiation rituals. Full of intrigue and mystery, sexual discovery and spiritual awakenings, Truth From the Source is the story about the author’s conscious self-expansion and personal transformation. The experiences are drawn from her remarkable solo trip to the Himalayas where she meets an enlightened sage who assists her through her own spiritual awakening. The teachings she embodies and has brought back from India are powerful tools to assist others in their own steps towards transformation and healing.

The challenges described in the book assist the reader in seeing the potential transformations one may encounter when embarking on a spiritual journey. As we cast off old behavioral patterns and move into a more enlightened state of being, it’s inevitable that we will walk through the flames of transformation. This book shines a bright light on how one human being with hope and courage, gallantly faced her fears to explore a passage to enlightenment and received initiation into higher realms of consciousness. 

A tale of one person’s personal journey. An inspiration to all of us who have come to a crossroad and seek guidance and courage to overcome fear and seek spiritual enlightenment.
— Bellamy, Hong Kong
Ann has found the courage to launch out beyond the familiar and fearlessly explore uncharted territory. The good news is that she has charted it for us that our lives may be easier for it. Her story will make you laugh, cry, and recognize the immediacy of your own spiritual quest.
— Alan Cohen (author of I Had It All the Time)
This book has truly inspired me to change and grow. I can honestly tell you that this story is truly blessed and has the potential to totally transform your life.
— Trinley Vajra
I couldn’t put this book down, it has had a profound impact on my life.
— Jonathon Fisher, Kauai, HI