Are you feeling burnt out? Ready to step out of the fast lane for a minute and take a slow, stress-free deep breath? Join us for a personal healing retreat at The Source Retreat in the Bay Area in Northern California, and fall back into the nurturing arms of self-realization, personal transformation, and profound awakening.

Our non-denominational residential retreats are located on Northern California's breathtaking Putah Creek. Here, you'll find yourself nestled on a tranquil hillside where deer roam freely – a mere 35 minutes from Calistoga, in the heart of Napa Valley wine country, and 2 hours from San Francisco.

We're offering a safe place in a natural setting to experience a deep healing and holistic transformation, using a variety of modalities to provide clients with structure and support. Services include: counseling, trauma release work, cognitive behavioral therapy, depression counseling, life coaching, Compassionate Communication classes, guided and silent meditation, yoga, Holistic Breathwork, theta healing, ozone and oxygen therapies, Reiki, body work, reflexology, hypnotherapy, evening spiritual/educational films, the Sedona Method, shadow work, pharmaceutical-drug detox, and shamanic exercises, far infra-red sauna, coffee and ozonated water colonics, hiking, kayaking, and cycling.

All retreats are supervised by Dr. Ann West. Ann has helped hundreds of individuals to heal, transform their lives, and awaken spiritually to their true self. Our retreats are small in size so each individual can receive one-on-one support with personal life mapping and future planning, before re-joining the world.


What to Expect from The Source

All personal retreats run 3-10 days and offer rejuvenation protocols to remove physical toxins and stagnation. If you are looking for a detox retreat, healing retreat, or transformational retreat, The Source will take you there. Bask in ample personal time each day to connect with yourself and nature; reflect by the river, or float on top of it! Go take a hike in the wilderness, or tap those feet to the rhythm of our daily movement and dance classes. Our entire process is based upon self inquiry, personal transformation, and profound healing.

Rooms are private – unless you come with a partner or friend and wish to share – with a self-help/transformational book library provided on-site as well.

1. Choose how long of a retreat you need: from 3 to 10 days, it’s up to you

2. You decide whether to eat or juice-fast

3. Select the treatments and services that suit you best; no more, no less


Restorative Retreat ($400 - $500 per day depending on food choice)

daily movement and meditation

one healing session a day (excluding day of departure)

alternates between body work and personal transformational work

organic food choices (juice cleanse or full meal)

one out door activity a day (hiking, kayaking or cycling)

evening movie


Enlightening Retreat ($650 - $750 per day depending on food choice)

same services as Restorative Retreat

one extra healing session daily

relaxing Wilber Hot Springs, or:

soothing mud baths at Calistoga's Indian Springs


Retreat to The Source... and Rediscover Yourself

Therapy sessions are tailored to support your personal road-map to transformation, deep healing, overcoming depression, anxiety, and negative self-image. Our approach engages the sub-conscious mind, where deep-seated grief, trauma and painful memories frequently lie hidden.

Natural results of the lifestyle offered at The Source include a decrease in excess weight, stress, depression, grief, and anxiety... alongside an increase in energy, intuition, inner-healing, presence, peace, relaxation, health, and happiness!


Please note:

*All accommodations, organic food, healing therapy services, and outings are included in the price of your retreat

*There is no cable, television, or cell phone reception at the retreat

*You have a choice of enjoying a juice cleanse for all or part of your retreat, or eating delicious vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free meals


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